President Armen Sarkissian received the Board of Directors members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce presented activities, Key plans, and upcoming projects.

They also shared the issues and challenges that the businesses face and are being lobbied. President Sarkissian welcomed any proposal that would be aimed at the country’s development and expressed readiness to support them within his limits.

President Sarkissian spoke also about one of the Presidential initiatives, pointing out the ATOM project – Advanced Tomorrow, which is aimed on the development of science and technologies in Armenia.

The President highlighted also the Armenian Summit of Minds to be held in Armenia this year and dedicated mostly to artificial intelligence and geopolitical risks, as well as to the Horasis-China international conference. In the framework of this event, dozens of Chinese companies will visit Armenia for cooperation opportunities.

It was agreed that AmCham Member interested companies can become partners and participate in the mentioned project.…/President-Armen-Sarkissian-met-…/