June, 2021

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Bronze Membership

We Solve Law Firm LLC

We Solve seeks to challenge the stereotypes. We are a newly founded and young law firm with great experience. Our specialists studied both in the best universities of Armenia and of the world. We have experience both in the private and in the public sectors.

Our activities are based on the principles of quality, quickness, honesty and the best interests of our clients. We Solve law firm practices in Private law and in Administrative law. We are specialized in all sectors of our practice. That is the guarantee of the quality of our services. We provide our services, inter alia, in Banking and Finance, Retail and Wholesale, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Construction, IT and Telecommunication, International Business Transactions.

We aim to change the business culture in Armenia offering useful legal tools forthe regulation of business relations. We want to achieve the point where all the productive legal tools will be in great use by Armenian businesses. We are here to make your business grow. By using such legal instruments as ADR, financial derivatives and other opportunities of financial markets we can help you to internationalize your business. We also seek to have our contribution in helping the customers in other areas related to Civil law and Administrative law.

General Manager

Seyran Sahakyan