June, 2022

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Strategic Value Ventures LLC

Founded by Karén Gyulbudaghyan, Strategic Value Ventures, LLC (SVV) is a San Francisco-based strategic advisory company. SVV connects strategic interests and aligns incentives of multiple stakeholders (e.g., companies, government, universities) to create synergistic value, leverage resources, and develop global capabilities. SVV builds cross-border bridges and enables:

  1. Tech startups and companies a soft landing in the USA and Silicon Valley, and
  2. Global partners a jump-starting and developing their innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystems.

SVV is the official Global Innovation Partner of the University of California (UC) Berkeley SkyDeck, the Forbes’ top university startup accelerator in the world. The collaboration between the UC Berkeley SkyDeck and SVV has been instrumental in developing the Armenian tech ecosystem and launching 25 startups to global prominence over five years, including fast-growing superstar companies like and SuperAnnotate.


Karén Gyulbudaghyan