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February 5, 2020

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Relevant is specialized in executive search and headhunting in Armenia and abroad. The company’s team of professionals helps businesses and organizations find the best candidates for top and mid-level management positions.

If your recruitment team has difficulties hiring mid- and senior-level personnel, you can outsource the human resources management function to Relevant.

Being committed to the motto “Hire Relevant Professionals”, the company helps employers hire candidates who can develop their businesses and drive them towards new achievements.  In many cases, outsourcing the hiring process for certain senior positions to a specialized company is more preferable than doing it through a company’s own HR and recruitment department.  For instance, if the search is entrusted to a person working in the same company, the probability of the information leak is very high.

Thus, the two key services provided by Relevant are the executive search and headhunting.

In case of the executive search, the employer presents the details on what kind of a specialist he or she is looking for in advance. It concerns both professional expertise and personal qualities.

As for the headhunting, the company clearly mentions which specialist they want to hire and the Relevant’s team starts negotiations with the candidate on their behalf.

In addition, the company provides consultancy services on executive search and headhunting of mid- and senior-level management.

Relevant’s guiding principle is confidentiality and trust. While searching for candidates, the company does not disclose the name of the employer until it makes sure the candidate meets the demands of the employer and is interested in the offer. On the other hand, the name of the candidate is not revealed until it is evident the candidate meets the demands of the employer and until the candidate gives consent to being disclosed to the employer.

The company uses an internationally acclaimed methodology while checking the skills and capacities of a candidate. If needed, in some cases the selection method is discussed and finalized together with the employer. In this process, more than one candidate is presented and the employer makes the final selection. If the selected candidate quits the job on his or her own initiative Relevant finds a replacement free of charge. The guarantee period is usually one year.

Upon the request of the employer, Relevant searches for the best fit for the position among those professionals who are happy with their current roles but do not mind considering more attractive job opportunities.


Sevada Baghdyan