April, 2021

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Pikasso OOH LLC

Pikasso OOH LLC was established in Armenia in 2018 and launched its activity by winning the exclusive advertising concession of Rossia Mall, and by acquiring in May 2019 the inventory of locations of Arabella, one of the leading Out-Of-Home operators in the market. The inventory is composed of Large Formats: Unipoles, Rooftops, and Billboards, all of them located in prime locations in Yerevan. 

Rossia Mall is located in the heart of the capital Yerevan, on Tigran Mets Avenue, one of the busiest axes. 
Pikasso deployed state-of-the-art inventory composed of 75” LCD screens fitted with engagement tool and sold under the name of Rossia Mall Channel, as well as static and special displays. 

Founded in Beirut in 1986, Pikasso is the number one Out-of-Home advertising company throughout the Levant (Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq), leader in North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco), and has extended its activity to West Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Mali) and the Caucasus (Armenia).

General Manager

David Grigoryan