April, 2022

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Orion Worldwide Innovations Armenia

Orion Worldwide Innovations (“Orion”), is a startup growth and ecosystem acceleration hub and offers a full-service package to make companies investable to enter the US market, enhance their customer acquisition strategies, stay competitive and protect their innovation. Orion is a U.S.-based company formed in 2017, with offices in New York City, U.S., and Yerevan, Armenia locations and partnering with companies and investor networks worldwide.
Orion’s business objectives encompass supporting innovations growth in Eastern Europe, Asia and Americas regions by establishing and/or expanding business solutions, fundraising, growth strategy and IP management. We simplify the complexity and complications of growing businesses in the U.S. market, acquisition and fundraising processes for both entrepreneurs and investors.
Orion’s business activities include assistance in fundraising, designing go-to-market strategy, obtaining IP protection and acquiring businesses and IP intellectual assets to extract commercial value.
Orion teams up with foreign and domestic investors, venture capitals (“VCs”), startups, and inventors.

The Armenian branch of Orion Worldwide Innovations aims to accelerate growth and maturity of the Armenian Startup Ecosystem.

CEO & Co-Founder

Diana Arzumanyan