February 11, 2019

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Jermuk Group CJSC

JERMUK GROUP CJSC is the largest producer of mineral and natural spring water in Armenia. The company implements JERMUK mineral natural healing-table water and BYUREGH spring natural water extraction and bottling. Jermuk mineral water production began in 1951. Due to its useful properties and extraordinary taste Jermuk mineral water in a short time became popular not only in Armenia but in the entire world.

Jermuk modern history begins in 1999 with the construction of a new modern factory of the company JERMUK GROUP CJSC . The plant, which is built near the mineral water well and equipped with modern technologies, allows for bottling the water according to the relevant European standards.

Thanks to the major investments and developments, the company has acquired a leading position in the market and began to export products abroad the volume of which is growing every year.

In 2016 a completely new state-of-the-art plant JERMUK GROUP CJSC was built, which gave an opportunity to increase the volume of production and satisfy the increasing demand both in Armenia and abroad.

The proof of JERMUK GROUP CJSC mineral and natural water high quality is various prizes and certificates received at European, American and CIS countries prestigious exhibitions. JERMUK GROUP CJSC is the only Armenian company that owns the European certificate, which gives the right to export products to the countries of the European Union.

Today JERMUK GROUP mineral and natural water is exported to the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, EU countries, Israel and many other countries.


Mr. Vahagn Arsenyan