September 3, 2020

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Institute of Internal Auditors-Armenia Non-Governmental Organization

Internal audit is one of the cornerstones of effective governance that aims to improve the effectiveness of the organization. It is an instrumental tool for the Board of Directors to exercise its oversight role.

The Institute of Internal Auditors in Armenia (IIA-Armenia) was established in 2012 to promote and develop the internal audit profession in the country. IIA-Armenia is an affiliate of IIA Global and a member of the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA). Since 2012 IIA-Armenia membership has increased 5 fold reaching 160 members. The Institute has individual members from private, as well as public sectors, working for financial institutions, including banks, credit and insurance companies, telecommunication companies, consulting companies, ministries and other public organizations. Besides internal auditors, there are also risk managers, compliance officers, internal controllers, consultants, instructors and other professionals among IIA-Armenia members. Every year IIA-Armenia organizes local and international conferences, trainings and seminars. During these events, famous industry experts are invited to share their experience with participants on topics of governance, auditing, risk management, IT and cybersecurity, etc.

IIA-Armenia representatives also share their knowledge with students, presenting different topics at universities. IIA-Armenia provides many opportunities to its members to expand their network and become part of the global auditing community. IIA-Armenia has three committees: Nomination and Membership Committee, Committee on Education and Qualification Program and Audit Committee, as well as Financial Services task force.

IIA-Armenia issues newsletter, and other publications about auditing, team performance, public sector internal auditing, etc. IIA-Armenia translated International standards for the professional practice of internal auditing, Code of Ethics, Core Principles, Mission and Definition of Internal Audit issued by IIA Global. IIA-Armenia promotes the only globally recognized internal audit certification among its members. There are 26 Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) in Armenia.

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Ara Chalabyan