October 31, 2017

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HyeLandz Eco Village Resort

HyeLandz Eco Village Resort was founded by Arthur and Caroline Zakarian to promote ecotourism in Armenia after they came to settle in Armenia from the USA more than 10 years ago.

HyeLandz Eco Village Resort is for everyone who loves nature and animals. It is situated in the small village of Geghadir on Yerevan-Garni highway 15 km southeast of Yerevan and only 25 minutes drive from the city. The famous Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Garni Gorge, Azat River, Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Havuts Tar Monastery and Charents’ Arch are within close proximity of the village.

HyeLandz Eco Village Resort represents a unique choice of stylish village dwellings from Armenian tufa stone houses to charming log cabins and modern units.

HyeLandz Eco Village Resort offers all the comforts for adults and children to enjoy their stay with fully equipped rooms and recreational facilities, a state of the art conference room catering for groups of more than 50 participants, a bar, a restaurant, a large events hall and splendid gardens with fruit trees, vegetables and greens.  At the resort you can see a great variety of domestic animals such as ducks, geese, chickens, goats, birds, dogs, cats, donkeys, horses etc.

At HyeLandz guests can watch or take part in the process of lavash baking in the tonir house and butter churning in Armenian khnotsi.

A variety of home made vodka, liqueur and cognac is available for consumption and stored in the resort’s cellar.

There are also beehives in the resort area and guests can take part in honey extraction process on honey extraction days.

HyeLandz offers a variety of games for those who enjoy playing, such as chess, shashki, backgammon, cards, domino, as well as horseshoes, bocce, badminton, basketball, table tennis, foosball etc.

HyeLandz Eco Village Resort has taken care of children’s pastime too. There is a variety of outdoor games that children will enjoy playing, such as badminton, hula hoop, jump rope, rope-pulling etc.

Guests can also take a bike ride through the village or all the way to Garni. There is a good selection of bikes ready for use at HyeLandz.

HyeLandz organizes familiarization tours around the resort and sightseeing of nearby places of interest.

As the main objective of ecotourism is to build environmental and cultural awareness and respect, HyeLandz management has installed solar powered systems in the resort area to create ecologically clean environment and use all resources more efficiently for a greener Armenia.