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January 15, 2020

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Hotelier Hospitality

Hotelier Hospitality has been established with the objective of supporting hospitality businesses to achieve high standards of customer service and professional operational management goals. We provide tailored hospitality management and full range A to Z consultancy for pre-opening and operating accommodation providers. The ratio of our consultancy services starts with design and construction of hotels, up to opening, staff training and management services for properties.  Outsourcing services for hospitality businesses is another aspect of our business portfolio, which includes PR and marketing outsource, digital media marketing, operational audit services and more.

Hotelier Magazine is a publication from Hotelier Hospitality. Published quarterly, the magazine focuses on hotels and professionals of the industry.

The magazine content contains interviews with top hoteliers, market information, news, and international trends of the vibrant hospitality industry.

Every issue includes articles featuring top hotel chains and international hotel suppliers, as well as analyzes and statistical information regarding the industry from different sources.

Hotelier Magazine is posted out to 2000 managers and employees in hotels, and the magazine is also published on all major online platforms. The readership on all platforms and distributed copies exceeds 14,000 people per issue.


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