Good Credit

July 17, 2012

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Good Credit UCO CJSC

Good Credit universal credit organization CJSC is a recent, fast-growing start-up in small enterprise and microfinance space, with plans to offer limited consumer finance services (payments services, housing/energy efficiency loans, etc.) to unbanked or semi-banked segment through innovative approaches. Our mission is to assist in building the world where limited access to finance and unbankability would be already obsolete.

Our vision for businesses is to contribute to the sustainable development of the small entrepreneurship through responsible provision of financial services. Our vision for consumers is to provide people an opportunity to enrich their lifestyle, feel more secure and be their financial mentor during difficult uncertain times.

We target low, upper low, and low-middle income people who have limited access to credit/financial services, due to being non-core for the banks and/or not getting due care (individual approach, due to their small size or any other reason) and/or have bad customer service experience and/or have bad or poor credit history (but they are committed to improve their record). We want to serve them in a simple, transparent and caring manner, to offer them fast and convenient service through innovative approaches that will result in making them smiling and satisfied.

– When we say simple, we try to keep the things simple and uncomplicated. We believe that accessibility comes through simplicity. We recognize that we are people communicating with other people. We are always direct and easy to understand. We don’t use small print and the hard sell.

-When we say caring, we fundamentally commit to our customers by always prioritizing their needs. We recognize the importance of listening closely to our clients and building close relationship with them.

– When we say transparent, we strive for the business conduct that requires trust, accountability, and mutual respect. We are authentic in what we practice. We never mislead our customers with incomplete, inaccurate or intentionally deceptive information.

Finally, we have set up quite ambitious, but hopefully a doable goal of becoming a significant player in “bottom-of-pyramid” niche market.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Artashes Tonoyan