July 12, 2017

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Golden Grape ArmAs


Armenak Aslanian, Founder ArmAs

Golden Grape ArmAs was founded in 2007 by Armenak Aslanian, who repatriated to his motherland for the realization of goals that involve the intertwined aspects of family, heritage, culture, and progress, with personal values and responsibilities he maintains as a father, an entrepreneur, and as an Armenian. Alongside his daughters, he preserves an 80-year-old family tradition of wine, naming ArmAs in honor of his grandfather Armenak Aslanian Sr., the original winemaker in the family. He continues to develop ArmAs Estate with a vision to partake in upholding and revitalizing Armenia’s winemaking legacy, in the oldest known area for viticulture and enology.

The unique terroir of ArmAs creates an environment for the vineyard, with exceptional possibilities in the cellar.

At the beginning of 2007, the disconnected site of ArmAs comprised of long-abandoned grape and cornfields, with countless rocks and boulders, and imperceptible vegetation. The agricultural and infrastructural transformation was indeed a feat. Following the proper planning for the allocation of areas best suited for the varied components to be established on the estate, work progressed simultaneously and on many fronts under the strict supervision and daily oversight of the impassioned founder. The property, which lies on sundrenched undulating terrain against the backdrop of the inspiring Mount Ararat, was outlined with the construction of a 15 kilometer brick wall that surrounded its entirety. Electricity was established, and an irrigation system was constructed, while excavation for a drinking water source ensued. Melioration and cultivation of the soil progressed as the collected rocks where recycled and used for the construction of the walls for the newly excavated lake, and as the bedrock for roads throughout the estate. As the grounds were transformed into a picturesque landscape, with over one hundred hectares of vineyards, and forty hectares of orchards, the construction of dwelling, storage, and production facilities proceeded.

By 2013, within six years of development, ArmAs Estate was a scenic display of agriculture, complete with a state of the art winery and distillery, and accented by the constant fixtures of bulldozers, excavators, cranes, concrete mixers, bricks, structural paraphernalia, and vibrant construction crews.Any exceptional wine has as its heart the grapes from which it was crafted, and as its soul, the love and care it received from all who cultivate it into being, respecting and showcasing the best of its nature.

The ArmAs Winery and Distillery was completely designed and constructed by Italian architects, engineers, construction crews, and wine industry professionals. The state of the art winery is held to the highest international standards and boasts the latest enological equipment, as well as French and Karabakh oak barrels used for traditional aging.

Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Aslanyan