January, 2022

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Giggles Edutainment

Edutainment is an educational entertainment center for children from 3 to 6 years of age.
At Giggles, You can enjoy the convenience of various clubs, like gardening, recycling, yoga, science, arts & crafts, music, and much more, in one bright and secure location.
As most of the human development generally happens before 6 years of age, it is crucial to imprint love and curiosity towards learning in children before they actually start attending school.
At Giggles – education is all about play!
We encourage our students to learn through hands-on approach that allows using their natural inquisitive and curious side in discovering the world. Moreover, motivating the children to discover and ask questions helps to set a pattern towards learning and being interested in education throughout their entire lives.
Edutainment at Giggles can serve as a substitute to a traditional preschool education or simply be a fun place where new discoveries and friendships are made. As such, we have different visiting options for Your children – annual, monthly, or single-visit basis. In either case, the expected outcomes are the same:
• New breathtaking experiences
• Mental and physical development
• New discoveries, memories,
and friendships
• Fun, Fun, Fun! And of course,
• Yummy-yummy food in our tummies!

Besides the fun educational program at Giggles, our Photoroom offers You and Your little one’s unforgettable moments derived from exciting monthly themes.
Photoshoot never gets boring at Giggles, as our inspiring and motivational staff is here to guide Your kids through a fun
experience of modeling and enjoying the process of capturing the moments.

General Manager

Irina Chobanyan


  • (+374) 44 466 990