January 13, 2013

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Fund for Armenian Relief of America (FAR) Armenian Branch

Fund for Armenian Relief of America (FAR) was founded by the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) by the outpouring of goodwill in response to the 1988 earthquake in Armenia. In its infancy, FAR was a relief operation run through the Diocese.

However, in 1993 FAR came into its own when it was officially recognized as a separate and independent relief agency, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.FAR’s mission has grown from a focus on immediate rescue efforts to those working to bring long-term development to the people of Armenia. Today, FAR provides avenues for supporters to invest in the future of Armenia, to support programs aimed at providing hope, opportunity, and empowerment to the people of Armenia, as well as the Armenian populations in Karabagh and the Javakh region of the Republic of Georgia.FAR cooperates with the Armenian Diaspora and other donors worldwide to provide Armenians with tools, resources and guidance to build a strong and sustainable future.

With the goals to “Honor the Past, Empower the Present, Ensure the Future,” FAR is dedicated to realizing the dream of a free, democratic, prosperous, and culturally rich Armenia. Since its inception, FAR has channeled more than $300+ million in assistance to Armenia. FAR’s programs address the following areas: medicine, science, education, children, the elderly, infrastructure rehabilitation, community and economic development, as well as emergency relief. Examples of wide-ranging programs include the FAR Continuing Medical Education (FAR CME) program that teaches provincial doctors innovative methods and technologies to improve the health of their patients; FAR scholarship programs support about 600 talented youth to pursue higher education at Armenia’s universities annually, GTech Center, a post-graduate facility that is expanding the IT industry from Yerevan to the Earthquake Zone by providing cutting-edge IT skills and job placement to college graduates; soup kitchens; the Vanadzor Old Age Home; and the FAR Children’s Center, where FAR is helping to modernize Armenia’s foster care system, etc. The most recent activities implemented in the bordering with Azerbaijan Tavush marz enable improved quality of life through reducing family poverty. More information on FAR projects is available on and

Deputy Country Director

Mr. Bagrat Sargyan


  • (+374 60) 526 660
  • 22 Khorenatsi, Yerevan 0010, Armenia