October 23, 2013

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Ecoville LLC

EcoVille LLC is part of OST Group that is specialized in construction business and renewable energy sector. Throughout its history of more than 30 years it has executed many infrastructural, residential and commercial projects starting from planning to turnkey activities. It has a big experience in partnering major national and international companies and institutions from private to governmental sector such as UNDP, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, etc.

The company has been heavily investing in hydro power projects for the last decade and currently has several plants under its exploitation. The range of the capacities varies from 1 to 20 MW. As a new branch it has recently entered the solar energy market in Armenia. The scope of services includes designing, installing and providing maintenance services for solar electric and solar thermo projects: solar photovoltaics and solar water heaters. EcoVille also implements full energy auditing services for residential and commercial projects.


Tigran Okhanyan