September 1, 2016

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CIS Armenia

CIS Armenia is an international school right in the heart of Yerevan that teaches in accordance to the Cambridge International and Armenian State curricula, with languages of instruction being English and Armenian respectively. The school is certified to provide education starting with the Early Years Preschool, Primary, Secondary and moving through to IGCSE, AS and A Level in the senior years.

The international programmes ensure a smooth transition through the years of schooling and provide an opportunity for students to succeed in a stimulating, externally validated and highly respected world-class educational programme. Ultimately, the qualifications that are obtained by our senior students can open doors to universities over the world, in many cases with no additional entrance exams. These qualifications are universally recognised and welcomed.

CIS Armenia offers:

  • Convenient school location in the city centre;
  • Access to a full, enriched and creative Cambridge International Curriculum;
  • Access to Armenian National curriculum;
  • Qualified native English teachers from UK and other countries;
  • Dedicated, caring and supportive staff with individual approach to each child;
  • A speech therapist and an educational psychologist that provide support for every student’s individual needs;
  • Completely modernised building with light, fully furnished and spacious classrooms;
  • Secure and equipped outdoor playground;
  • Prolonged school day and enriched afterschool programme;
  • School meals served 5 times a day;
  • Transportation service on request.


Azat Soultanov