June 8, 2018

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Blesk LLC Armenian Branch

“BLESK” LLC is a company that has a huge work experience accumulated in the construction market. It is more than 21 years in the construction industry and reliability of the company is checked by time. The Armenian branch was founded in 2007. Highly experienced specialist are employed at the company, new technologies and most advanced techniques are constantly penetrated into the working cycle. Armenian branch of “Blesk” LLC is ranked 288th in the list of 1000 large taxpayers of the Republic of Armenia based on the data of 2016 year. The role of the accomplished works of Armenian branch of “Blesk” LLC is approved by great number of positive feedbacks from the customers.
Continuous improvement of professional experience, responsibility and quality allow the company to develop steadily. Currently, the company performs almost the entire range of activities in the construction market. The developed infrastructure, effective management system and professionalism of employees and managers allow offering all types of works and materials in the field of asphalting, building constructions, waterproofing, sealing, insulation, repair and furnishing.
The group of “BLESK” company carries out works on the organization of construction, reconstruction, and major repairs, excavation, piling works, installation of metal structures, installation of internal engineering networks and equipment of building, installation of external sewerage networks, heat supply, roofing and facade work, Including on especially dangerous and technically complex objects, road construction of any complexity, asphalting, patching and landscaping. To carry out the work the enterprise has highly qualified personnel, trained and advanced training.
The significance of the work done by the “BLESK” group of companies is confirmed by numerous awards and gratitude to the company’s management from state structures, religious organizations, as well as ordinary people working in this huge cohesive team with a brilliant name and the same future.
The main strategic objectives of the company are :
-Ensuring the quality of construction projects with the rational use of available material and human resources;
-Constant improvement of construction quality through the adaptation, implementation and improvement of advanced construction technologies, quality management and human resource management;
-Increasing the competitiveness of construction services by optimizing production and business processes, improving the quality of customer service and strengthening the company’s business reputation.
Our values
-We are a company that looks to the future.
-We are partners of our clients.
-We are a company focused on profitability.
-Our employees are the key to the company’s success.
-We are aware of our responsibility to society.
-Our mission is to create a comfortable environment for life, rest and productive activities, using the best experience of the world and safe construction technologies.
-Our cornerstones on which we build partnerships are HONESTY AND PROFESSIONALISM.


Mr. Vova Martirosyan