November 25, 2014

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Blackstone Travel

Blackstone Travel has been founded early 2013 and since the first day of its operations there has been a goal to provide client companies and individual customers with comprehensive, high quality travel services while also maximizing the value of their travel budgets. Without the long history of commission-based travel agency model, Blackstone Travel began their business as an independent service provider to travel buyers. Without supplier bias and commitments, Blackstone Travel is wholly based on the interests of the clients.

Blackstone Travel thrives to provide best-in-market services based on international standards and systems, including:

  • A fully developed range of corporate travel services across all supply areas
  • Highly developed and skilled visa services
  • Professional account management
  • Detailed reporting
  • Effective budget management
  • Experienced booking consultants
  • Rigorous supplier management through tenders, negotiating, benchmarking and monitoring
  • Professional VIP services, including business jet and charter flight bookings, individual ground handling throughout the world

Besides business travel services, main area of business for the company is outgoing leisure travel and incoming travel to Armenia. Blackstone Travel marked its first anniversary by announcing direct charter flights to Barcelona for the summer season of 2014 in cooperation with Vueling Airlines, the main air carrier of Catalonia. Successfully carrying out this ambitious project, Blackstone Travel established itself as one of the leaders of Armenian travel market.

As an incoming tour operator, the main goal for the company is to find new source destinations for Armenia and to offer special types of tours to Armenia outside the usual traditional itineraries. So far Blackstone Travel has hosted numerous groups and individual travelers in Armenia. The positive feedback received from these travelers makes this area of the business to become the main focus for the company’s development.


Mr. Garri Shahinyan


  • (+374 60) 533 033
  • 4/7 Amiryan str., Yerevan 0010 Armenia