Berkeley Capital

March, 2021

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Berkeley Capital CJSC

Established in 2018, Berkeley Capital aims to drive progress and sustainability by directing capital to projects that generate social impact. Through an integrated approach across the firm, Berkeley Capital seeks to provide innovative and prudent solutions to the company’s investment partners. Together, we reinvent tomorrow for all.

Berkeley Capital believes that investing in three pillars of a human’s life – comfort, safety and health – is the best way to generate superior long-term returns. The cornerstone of the company’s philosophy is the combination of several tenets: value than growth because they believe that commitment to value creation contributes to sustainable growth; research-driven decisions because they aim to create an edge of knowledge by conducting rigorous research; effective diversification because we seek to maximize returns with agreed parameters of risk; and risk control because before they invest, we set a margin of safety.

Berkeley Capital aims at dealing with not only the physical but also the human sector, setting up perfect conditions for investments in human well-being. This includes quality leisure activities, people mobility, conducive to sport recreation and increase of human health-quality. Berkeley Capital also creates accessible business building retail centers simultaneously taking care of the environment.

Chief Financial Officer

Lilit Abrahamyam