August, 2021

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Bronze Membership

Asteria Pharmaceutical Company LLC

Since 2000, Asteria pharmaceutical company has been engaged in the import and wholesale of pharmaceutical and related products. In addition, Asteria provides state registration of medicines, marketing, and promotion services for medicines and related products.

Asteria pharmacy chain has been operating since 2011, which makes Asteria one step closer to its customers. As of now, the Asteria pharmacy chain includes 23 pharmacies with over 70 specialists.

The main goal of Asteria is to provide Armenian citizens and guests with friendly and caring service with the highest quality and most effective products, which will help them to be healthy.

The Asteria vision is to expand the geography and portfolio of the organization, provide high-quality services, be a leading pharmaceutical company for its customers, and help improve public health.

General Manager

Alexandr Israyelyan