February, 2021

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Artcon JSC

Artcon offers rapid and obtainable technologies for constructing buildings made of metal constructions. Since 1992 Artcon evolves in the market of metal constructions. The buildings made of metal constructions have numerous advantages and can be applied in almost all the sectors of construction, such as:

  • Agriculture – greenhouse, poultry farm, veterinary clinic
  • Education – these technologies give a wide range of opportunities to build small village schools as well as universities and student campuses
  • Storage complex – warehouses do not transmit auxiliary rays which means that there is enough storage for both the preservation of consignment and disembarkation using special equipment
  • Conflicts and disaster zones-military bases, military canteens, warehouses, arsenals

Metal constructions can also be applied in the tourism sector such as the construction of hotels, hostels, souvenir shops, cafes and in almost all the buildings having commercial significance.

Our advantages are the following:

  • Durability (from 50 to 100 years)
  • Seismic resistance (up to 9 magnitudes)
  • Adjustment and ease of assemblage
  • The lightness of constructions (each element does not exceed 100 kgs) helps to palliate the slabs of the constructions and repudiate cranes and truck cranes
  • Eco Friendly, i.e. it is made of 100 % recycled, pure substances which in their turn maintain fire safety
  • Due to high-quality insulating capabilities, the constructions become highly energy saving thus reducing expenditures during the exploitation for almost twice

All the above-mentioned parameters eventually save the expenditures during the construction process, thus raising the efficiency.

Modular technology is one of the more modern construction methods in the sphere of rapidly built –prefabricated houses-which is a modular production of buildings for different destinations. Within the process of manufacturing, the rational consumption of substances and the high-quality rate control – 90 % ready-made block modules are constructed and together with interior and exterior decorations and engineering systems are moved to the construction site to be furthermore assembled on a base prepared beforehand. Modular houses possess several advantages and can be applied in almost all spheres of construction. The advantages of the above-mentioned technologies are succinct and quick constructions, moderate price range, quick and facilitated assemblage, multi-functionality and mobility.


Tereza Karapetyan