May 23, 2013

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Armbrok OJSC

Armbrok OJSC is an investment company registered and operating in Armenia. With over two decades of experience in the market and a dedicated team of professionals we offer our local and foreign customers high quality investment services including brokerage, investment banking, registry keeping and custody, as well as business consulting services.

Since its inception in 1994, Armbrok (formerly Armenbrok) has put its best efforts to enable local and international, individual and institutional investors to invest in the securities of the most reputable and sound Armenian companies. Armbrok has been actively reaching out to potential investors across the world and for many years now has successfully cooperated with foreign partners including investors from the Armenian Diaspora. Striving to become a solid and reliable partner for all stakeholders, Armbrok has invariably adhered to the best corporate governance standards and practices.

In 2008 we diversified our shareholders base by transforming into an open joint stock company. Currently, Armbrok has shareholders from Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and USA. Later, in 2019, the company acquired the sole ownership of another leading Armenian investment firm, Capital Investments CJSC.

Armbrok is a full member of Armenia Securities Exchange and the national Securities Settlement System. In the past decade, the company repeatedly won annual awards from the stock exchange, including Best Exchange Member, Best Account Operator/Registry Keeper, and Best Account Operator/Custodian of the year awards.


Aram Kayfajyan