June, 2024

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Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia

Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia was founded in 2023 by “Center for Legislation Development” Foundation, Armenian General Benevolent Union and Armenian Bar Association. It was founded with the mission to foster alternative dispute resolution and investment sphere in Armenia. By advocating for legal reforms and advancing best practices in the field, AMCA seeks to facilitate greater access to justice and enhance the efficiency of dispute resolution processes. AMCA is a suitable alternative for dispute resolution, since the burden of traditional court systems results in delayed resolution.

AMCA embodies an innovative platform dedicated to organizing and conducting alternative ways of dispute resolution: arbitration and mediation. The Center’s goal is to act as a permanent arbitral institution, where the international and domestic arbitration proceedings will be ensured through internationally accepted, independent, impartial, and effective processes and mechanisms. AMCA’s mission is to promote the development, expansion, and application of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the Republic of Armenia, including increasing confidence and encouraging use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in civil society and the business community.

Moving forward with steady steps, the Center also aims to foster the improvement of the business and investment environment in the Republic of Armenia and to increase of effectiveness of mechanisms of legal protection of investments and business relations.

AMCA has also a significant mission for fostering international co-operations for the development of arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the Republic of Armenia. Currently AMCA is a member of ICCA, ICC National Committee of Armenia, as well as British Institute of International and Comparative Law.
Considering education and development as the most important potential, the Center will continue to be a pioneer in spreading the culture of alternative dispute resolution in RA, at the same time strengthening its positions on international platforms. With every case it handles, AMCA will take another step towards creating a world where disputes are transformed into opportunities, growth, and progress. And with this vision AMCA is moving into the future, where disputes are resolved only on fair, transparent and impartial principles.


Tatevik Matinyan