April 2024

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APAGA charitable foundation

“APAGA” charity foundation has been implementing health, social, cultural and educational programs across the entire territory of the Republic of Armenia since 2019, aiming to contribute to the comprehensive and long-term resolution of the key issues within these domains. “One step from education to work” is foundation’s new educational program is This initiative aims to assist students in securing professional employment, fostering stable income and a promising future. The program aims to support students in their final year of education through a multifaceted approach. Firstly, it offers significant financial relief by compensating 80% of tuition fee for a duration of one year, subject to students meeting certain criteria. The program enables students to become familiar with work and business processes directly within partner organizations for a duration of five months. Ultimately, the program gives students an opportunity to develop valuable practical and theoretical skills, subsequently leading to employment in the given organization for a minimum duration of six months. “APAGA” is one of the leading charity Foundations on the territory of Armenia, being well-known amongst the society.

Executive Director

Roza Solomonyan