January 31, 2019

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A&M Financial Consulting

A&M Financial Consulting CJSC (briefly; AMF Consulting) is a management advisory company specializing in corporate finance, and strategic and operational management advisory services. At AMF Consulting we are passionate about assisting our clients to realize their true sources of competitiveness and growth.

The services we provide are the following:

  1. Corporate finance advisory services including valuation services, financial modeling, financial due diligence, and corporate finance transaction advisory. We have comprehensive experience cooperating successfully with a wide array of companies, starting from SMEs to large enterprises and financial institutions. We have a solid experience of agreeing and defending our deliverables at any level – from auditors to government bodies. We are among the advisors who possess practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the markets.
  2. Operational management advisory services including operational efficiency and supply chain management. The optimal use of working capital depends on structuring efficient logistic systems with supply chain management. For that reason, supply chain optimization is a priority task to improve profitability and cost reduction.
  3. Strategic management advisory services including corporate strategy, strategic planning, marketing and product management, feasibility study and business case planning, and risk management. We also provide targeted economic research and market analysis services for new ventures, M&As, as well as other purposes, to equip clients with in-depth insights on the economy and markets prior to strategic decision-making. AMF Consulting is building its development aid advisory services practice to serve institutions for the specific challenges of those countries and communities which are still in the part of the so-called developing world. AMF Consulting is a part of the consortium agreement tendered by the European Commission for providing services in Lot 6; Innovative Financing for Development.

Managing Partner

Mr. Aleksandr Shaghikyan


  • +(374) 11 53 40 001
  • 64 Aram Street, Boulevard Plaza, Yerevan, Armenia 0002