AmCham Membership Meeting with the Head of the RA State Tourism Committee

DateMay 24, 2017
Event categoryAdvocacy

On 24 May 2017, AmCham Armenia and the European Business Association organized “Mapping Armenia as a World-class Tourism Destination: Opportunities, Challenges, and Path Forward” Forum. This event was a follow-up to tourism/hospitality sectorial meeting organized by AmCham in March. During the event Ms. Deborah Grieser, USAID/Armenia Mission Director greeted AmCham’s sectorial meetings initiative and stated: “Over the past two decades, the United States has been supporting the development of Armenia’s tourism sector as part of our broader efforts in boosting economic growth and rural development in the country… The development of Armenia’s tourism sector is an important long-term effort that requires public and private sectors’ commitment and partnership. The U.S. encourages the constructive dialogue between the public and private sector through events such as this. When private sector representatives vocalize their issues and the government focuses its efforts towards one goal, this partnership creates tangible and mutually beneficial outcomes.” Mr. Nerses Nersisyan, AmCham’s 2nd Vice President, stated that tourism sector development would positively impact the economic growth and would reduce the poverty rates. Thus, fundamental steps should be taken towards it. Mr. Hovhannes Azizyan, the Deputy Minister of the RA Ministry of Economic Development and Investments mentioned that the development of the tourism sector depended on three key components: public-private partnership, infrastructural development, and tourism/hospitality human resource talent. Ms. Zarmine Zeytuntsyan, the Head of the RA State Tourism Committee presented the 2017-2020 Tourism Development Strategy and talked about potential public-private partnership opportunities. At the end of the event, a Q&A session was held and followed by a “Wine & Cheese” reception.

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