AmCham Digital Economy 1st 2020 Meeting

DateFebruary 21, 2020
Event categoryAdvocacy
VenueArmenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan

On 21 February, 2020 AmCham Digital Economy 1st 2020 meeting took place to discuss the 2020 Action plan.
In order to be more focused on IPR it was decided to form a stand-alone IPR Committee which will be targeting to address the IPR issues that AmCham members face related to the IP rights, develop policy, organizational, legislative, enforcement documents and raise the awareness
During the meeting it was decided to prepare and distribute a questioner to the Committee members to identify their concerns and the committee focus area.
Digital Economy Committee Chair – Mr. Artashes Kalantaryan, Dom Daniel, suggested to organize an extended event to deliver information regarding the DE Committee priorities and further steps.
The goal of the committee is to influence development of friendly, secure and trusted regulatory and business landscape to facilitate the growth of the digital economy as well as the digital transformation of public and private enterprises.