New instrument launched at NASDAQ OMX Armenia 2013-03-22


NASDAQ OMX Armenia introduceդ opportunity for a new instrument, foreign currency bonds (FX bonds). FX bonds are corporate bonds, issued by companies, but nominated and traded in foreign currency. FX bonds can circulate in exchange market after being admitted to trading or listed by NASDAQ OMX Armenia.


NASDAQ OMX Armenia not only createդ opportunity for issuers and market participants to place securities and trade in foreign currency, but also to conclude repurchase agreements (REPO) with new instrument.


Introduction of new instrument is aimed at increasing investment and capital raising alternatives for public and Armenian companies, respectively, as well as to stimulate foreign investments to Armenian securities market.


In October-November, 2012 ARARATBANK successfully issued and listed first USD bonds: a total of 40,000 coupon bonds with nominal value of USD 25, 9% annual yield and maturity period of 36 months were issued. This instrument proved to be of high interest for issuers, so more new issues of USD bonds are expected in the market.