Megerian Carpet welcomes the staff of the U.S. Embassy 2013-04-03


On January 21, 2013, “Megerian Carpet” Armenia-based manufactory again welcomed the staff of the U.S. Embassy led by the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John A. Heffern. The guests had another chance to get familiar with carpet production and learn about the new trends in the manufactory development. The Marketing Director Hayk Ayvazyan introduced the freshly renovated premises, the developed show room and the brand new hall for the future Museum of Carpets. In his turn, the Director of Production Leonid Andreasyan revealed some details of handmade carpet production preservation.

The offer to visit “Megerian Carpet” was made by taking into account, that the manufactory is revived and owned by Raffi Megerian, an Armenian from New York. Mr. Megerian inherited the interest to this business from his grandfather, who still in 1917 set a small carpet shop and held professional cleaning services in New York. Being a true Armenian, he is interested in the preservation of handmade carpet culture, and as an American businessman he is concerned about development of the productive relationships with Armenia.


Following Mr.Megerian’s policy, the staff of “Megerian Carpet” constantly seeks the new and effective ways in development of the manufactory and promotion of production. For facilitation of this specific visit the management of the manufactory summoned its partner “ABCconnexion” LLC (Armenian Business2Community Connection) founded by Ken Komendaryan, an American Armenian as well. Keeping on company’s mission to connect the manufacturers to the consumers (B2C format), Mr.Komendaryan together with Mr.Ayvazyan developed the program of the visit and guided the tour. He introduced to the guests the hardly known historical facts about contribution of the Armenians to the American culture, as well presented the Armenian roots of word ‘carpet’, which is being used in English idioms and American historical terms. The guests got acquainted with carpets manufacturing details, such as yarn production and dying with the natural dyes only, carpet production and processing. A separate presentation was done at the manufactory’s section for old carpets restoration.


Afterwards, the guests were escorted to the showroom, where they enjoyed a surprise: the kids from a local art school rendered Armenian music on the ethnic instruments and sang traditional American songs with the contemporary ones.

At the end of the visit, the guests socialized with the event organizers and participants, enjoyed the buffet table and made purchases in the memory of visiting “Megerian Carpet.”