GeoProMining Takes Another Step in Environmental Management 2013-03-22


In December 2012 as part of the upgrade programme at the Agarak copper-molybdenum mine complex GeoProMining introduced a closed recycling system that completely prevents waste water of the processing cycle from getting into the surrounding territories, including the neighbouring river Araks. The system also significantly reduces the amount of water used in the production cycle. The project budget is USD4.5 million.


Minimizing environmental effects on the country’s rich and unique nature has always been an integral part of GeoProMining’s growth strategy in Armenia. GeoProMining seeks to comply fully with all applicable environmental law requirements and develop and implement efficient environment management systems. The company’s objective is to prevent pollution, to use energy and natural resources rationally and to manage waste efficiently.


“GPM strives to be as technologically and environmentally progressive as possible. We are happy to introduce innovative solutions. We are committed to observing environmental requirements – and it is a matter of principle for us. It is our internal law,” says GeoProMining’s founder and shareholder Siman Povarenkin.


Every mining company produces an impact on the environment due to the essence of its business. At the same time the global metals and mining sector is well developed and regulated. As a country with a centuries-long mining culture Armenia has an extensive set of environmental laws and regulations, which are even stricter than the best international practices.


Environmental aspects have been taken into account in both modernization of the existing facilities and development of new projects. Their aim is to improve efficiency while maintaining high environmental protection standards.


At the moment a huge construction project is in full swing at GeoProMining’s Ararat gold extraction plant in order to introduce the Albion technology, developed by Xstrata Technology (Australia). This unique technology will enable the company to substantially increase gold extraction from sulphide-bearing ore from the Zod mine and materially raise its gold production. The project adheres to strict international environmental standards. This has been confirmed by leading experts in environmental impact assessment including Fraser Alexander (South Africa), Epoch (South Africa) and Digby Wells Environment (South Africa).


The company plans to implement ISO standards across all of its operations in the near future in order to ensure that people at all levels of the production chain and corporate governance system maintain a consistently high standard.


GeoProMining actively monitors environmental impact levels and reports the authorities on a regular basis.  In addition, the Armenian environmental agency conducts its testing at least annually to validate the results. The company is actively using international expertise of environmental management in order to further advance its environmental policies and corporate responsibility activities.