Ernst & Young's Compensation & Benefits Survey 2013 2013-04-15


Ernst & Young has announced the launch of the 2013 Compensation & Benefits Survey in Armenia. In 2013, general and specialized industry reports will be issued based on the Compensation & Benefits Survey Report. Similar to previous years, the Survey Report will consist of two parts. One part will cover salary information, including monthly and annual fixed pay as well as annual variable compensation, a description of the compensation structure for each job presented in the Report and actual (current) and planned salary changes in percentage terms. The other part will provide detailed information on HR policies used by the surveyed companies, such as salary arrangements and structure of cash compensation, working time arrangements, social allowances, business travel policies, employee motivation programs and non-cash benefits, recruitment policy, training and development, HR agenda and development plans and other issues related to HR policies.


Subject to data sufficiency, salary data will be presented by regions (marzes).


Specialized industry reports will include remuneration data for cross-industry and industry-specific jobs, as well as information regarding benefits and HR policies and practices specific to the selected industry, such as financial services and banking, computer sciences, IT and telecom, pharmaceutical and other industries. Issuance of specialized industry reports will be subject to participation of at least seven companies from the selected industry.


As in previous years, any and all information shared by survey participants in the process of preparing the Report will be treated with strict confidentiality. Only the final Report will be available to the participants, which precludes any possibility of identifying the source of any particular piece of information.


Starting from 2011, Ernst & Young’s Compensation & Benefits survey participants have been provided with a free special electronic tool for in-house benchmark analysis of survey results.


Ernst & Young conducts the Compensation and Benefits Survey, as well as a number of other surveys, annually in nearly all CIS countries. Hundreds of companies are involved in General industry surveys, specialized industry surveys, customized surveys (key market players, top management surveys, foreign employees, regional surveys) and other surveys. According to Ernst & Young’s management, the main reasons for the popularity of the surveys are the volatility of the labor market and growing demand of companies for reliable market data on compensation levels.