Renovate Your Home and Save Energy and Money 2013-03-22


Renovate your apartment and save money due to energy efficiency and in one go. In order to stimulate energy conservation banking sector suggests a range of solutions. Byblos Bank Armenia offers a new loan product to the market – the energy efficiency renovation loan.


Energy efficiency renovation loan is a unique product for the Armenian market. It is targeted to every citizen of Armenia who wants to renovate apartment and save money by reducing energy consumption costs. The renovation loan payment is due within 15 years. The loan interest rate is unprecedentedly low – only 10% annually. This loan offers an optimal solution to apartment renovation, gives opportunity to get sustainable building materials and save energy during regular use of heating and cooling systems which consequently reduces electricity bills.


An energy efficient apartment results in accruing long-term saving. The sum of monthly savings can make up a considerable amount over years, which can be used for paying loan principal. Undoubtedly, an apartment with such a renovation will have higher market value in the future.


Energy efficiency renovation loan has already gained popularity among Byblos Bank Armenia clients. Providing renovation loans by convenient conditions Byblos Bank Armenia expects to expand loan portfolio of bank and to foster energy saving culture development in Armenia. On the macro level such programs provide opportunity for nature conservation and economic development in the country by reducing energy consumption and increasing the population's welfare.


Energy Efficiency Renovation Loan, renovate your house and start living a better life.