Sosé & Allen’s Legacy Foundation and ATP Announce Social Media Campaign to Plant Memorial Forest in Armenia 2013-10-08

Sosé & Allen’s Legacy Foundation and Armenia Tree Project (ATP) have announced the establishment of a memorial forest in Armenia in honor of Sosé Thomassian and Allen Yekikian. The young couple dedicated much of their young lives to bettering Armenia through volunteering, encouraging democratic development, and eventually repatriating.


For every new “Like” on ATP’s Facebook page, five trees will be planted in the memorial forest. The organizations hope that the effort will attract at least 10,000 “Likes” in order to plant 50,000 trees, covering 45 acres, and will raise awareness of ATP’s mission in Armenia. The campaign was launched on September 10th, Sosé’s birthday and will conclude on Allen’s birthday on March 10, 2014. 


As Sosé's brother Vaché Thomassian states, "The Forest will serve as a living, breathing memorial to Sosé and Allen, and will have a positive effect on Armenia’s environment." 


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