New Year Brings New Achievements to Artsakh Brandy Company 2013-03-04





Established in 1998 in Aygestan village, the “Artsakh Brandy Company” is one of the first family companies in Artsakh. The company is well known for its exclusive strong alcoholic beverages made from natural fruits. 


The company is proud to present its new product - the Artsakh Ohanyan Armenian brandies. In their production, Armenian traditions of making the legendary drink are thoroughly observed in combination with classic technologies that preserve the exclusive characteristics of the Armenian grapes and the unique aroma of the Armenian oak.



The collection is presented in Classic classification, with a selection of younger brandies, Artsakh 3 stars (VS) and Artsakh 5 stars (VO); and in Premium classification, with a selection of Extra Old brandies - Ohanyan 7 years and Ohanyan 10 years. The Artsakh Ohanyan brandies are available in elegant bottles capacity of 5cl, 25cl, 50cl, 70cl, 75cl and gift packs.


The agreeable bouquet and the pure, light color indicate the presence of old brandy spirits that produce a pleasant feeling of warmth. The unique design and exquisite aroma of Artsakh Ohanyan brandies are an unforgettable experience worth having.


The unique collection of Artsakh strong alcoholic beverages is a composite of national traditions, rich professional experience and the latest in modern technologies.