AmCham provides a range of services and activities for members, including the following:



A Voice in the Government



  • Lobbying for better business laws and regulations in Armenia;
  • Meetings with key government officials on major business issues;
  • Developing position papers on taxation, financial regulations, and other relevant issues;
  • Frequent interactions with the U.S. Embassy, USAID, and relevant officials visiting Armenia;
  • Sitting on the Armenian Business Support Council and World Bank Monitoring Group;
  • Assisting members with specific concerns;


    Networking and Promotion



  • Access to around 100 leading international businesses in Armenia;
  • Close ties with the U.S. Embassy in Armenia;
  • Close cooperation with various U.S. Missions visiting Armenia;
  • Regular membership meetings with prominent leaders in business, government, and international financial organizations;
  • Non-formal Friday Night events;
  • Links with other AmChams;
  • Listing on the AmCham website, AmCham Business Magazine, AmCham Membership Directory and AmCham Social Media sources;
  • Representing member interests at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce;


    Information Services



  • Roundtables, workshops and conferences addressing relevant issues;
  • A frequently-updated website;
  • A quarterly published AmCham Business Magazine;
  • A yearly published AmCham Membership Directory;
  • Business matching;
  • Basic database of local companies, member promotional materials, Armenian laws and regulations in English, and reports related to Armenia's business environment;
  • Business advice upon request.