International Women’s Day: Celebration in Armenia and Around the World


Women’s Day is celebrated in many places around the world – from Afghanistan to China, and yes, in Armenia! The day is an official holiday in 27 countries and is widely observed in many others. In China working women enjoy half a day off, while in Italy men gift women mimosa flowers. Indeed, the giving of flowers and small gifts is a common way women are honored on this international holiday. In the United States and India, for example, the holiday is also a way to celebrate women’s accomplishments and raise awareness of women’s issues.

Other gifts given to women on Women’s Day include cosmetics and perfume. Women’s Day is in fact big business for makeup brands that have already seen a spike in sales over the past few years. According to L’Oreal, for example, in 2016 the global cosmetic market grew by an estimated 4% compared to the previous year. North America and Asia together share the largest portion of this market at over 55%. International Women’s Day provides an extra boost to cosmetic sales. For example, U.K. beauty retailer Feelunique reported a 40% higher return on sales on the holiday in China during the holiday in 2018.


The sale of beauty products cross-border is indeed growing as consumers become exposed to the unique products offered by different global companies. Women’s Day is traditionally celebrated in Armenia through the giving of flowers but it too has become a way makeup companies sell cosmetic products. Indeed, the Armenian beauty industry has come a long way since the 1990s. Now, different cosmetic brands line supermarket shelves and there is even an organic skincare line based in the country. Oriflame, for example, is now Armenia’s largest direct selling company. Both Oriflame Armenia and Mary Kay Armenia count Women’s Day as an important day for sales, offering unique products to their female consumers for a fraction of the cost. Oriflame and Mary Kay also empower women in Armenia by giving them the opportunity to sell what they love to share amongst one another – makeup!