Workshop of The Responsible Business Network


Within the framework of the newly launched “Responsible Business Network,” on February 28, 2017 AmCham, in cooperation with CSR Armenia NGO, organized a workshop/discussion for RBN member companies that are implementing or planning to implement CSR projects as part of their core business operation. The workshop perused the goal of setting the network’s overall operation and funding guidelines, with around 25 representatives present at the event. The workshop started with short introduction of what the RBN is, its creation history, as well as a brief on what is CSR and how to be a responsible business. Later on, the participants were encourage to actively participate throughout the discussion by not only introducing themselves, their companies, the directions of CSR that they pursue, but also by providing the workshop participants their own understanding of what the internal rules, expectation from the network, and the guidelines for project funding should look like. Overall, the workshop was a great success, uniting a number of large, medium, and small companies around the same important cause of CSR and providing them with excellent networking opportunities. Furthermore, the workshop was the first step towards finalizing the network’s modus operandi, with meetings planned for NGOs and corporate-NGO matchmaking in the near future.