Extraordinary General Meeting


AmCham held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Friday, April 25 in Queen Erato room of Armenia Marriott Hotel. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the increase of the membership fees for associate and regular members, recommended by AmCham Board of Directors. Over 30 regular member companies were present to discuss this issue and also make recommendations on AmCham’s activities  in general.


Despite the fact that, according to AmCham Charter,  only regular member companies can vote, associate members were also present at the meeting, to express their opinion and make suggestions on this issue,  since the increase will affect these companies too.


The voting companies were unanimous in their decision to increase the membership fees: for associate members from 175.000 to 200.000 AMD, and for regular members from 300.000 to 350.000 AMD annually, since January 2015.


Members also discussed AmCham’s advocacy strategy with regard to the RA government tax policy. Two issues discussed were the proposed initiatives of RA government on Alternative Tax Auditing and Dividend Taxation. The General Meeting resolved that AmCham would draft its position on these two matters and submit it to the government.  


The meeting was followed by a small wine reception, were members were able to once again socialize with each other.