EU-Armenia DCFTA talks


On April 15, 2013, AmCham members participated at the meeting held by EU-Armenia subcommittee at the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia Offices in order to discuss trade, economic and related legal issues, as well as EU-Armenia DCFTA. The EU delegation was represented by Traian Hristea (Delegation Head), Onno Simons (First Counselor), Luc Devigne (Head of Unit), Iwona Idzikowska (Policy Coordinator), Vaclav Navratil (International Relations Officer).


The purpose of the meeting was to get first hand information about trade and investment related problems while running businesses in Armenia.  


The participants stressed the problems with the current customs regime, particularly the issues related to one of the customs valuation methods, namely the “reference prices”. Problems in the area of tax system, infrastructure and transportation were also raised.


The EU representatives thanked the participants and mentioned that the raised issues would be considered during the overall DCFTA negotiation process. They also suggested the business community representatives to address them with further questions and proposals.