AmCham Meeting with the Minister of Diaspora

On December 16, 2014, AmCham President Tigran Jrbashyan and Executive Director Diana Gaziyan had a meeting with Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan. The idea behind the meeting was to understand the essence of the work of the Ministry of Diaspora, to present AmCham and its work, and to find some common areas for future cooperation.  Mr. Jrbashyan talked about AmCham and its activities, by mentioning that AmCham had Diaspora representatives as part of its membership and thus, allowing for strategic cooperation between the Diaspora Ministry and AmCham. The Minister, in turn, talked about the important work the Ministry of Diaspora implemented in the area of creating stronger links with Diaspora Armenians. The general consensus was that AmCham and the Ministry of Diaspora should continue working together, especially in the areas of the protection of foreign, and particularly U.S. investors, exchange of information, and joint advocacy campaigns. Both sides agreed that similar meetings should be made more regular.