February 25, 2019

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“IMR” LLC (henceforward referred to as IMR) is a well-established research agency in Armenia, which has originated as “Marketing communications” LLC in 2006. In 2010, seeking the mission to bring in international marketing research standards into Armenian market, the company has re-branded into IMRTM. IMR commits to integrate international marketing research tools into Armenian business environment. In cooperation with international research houses – TNS, GFK, IPSOS we enhance our intelligence in terms of contemporary marketing research methods and products ongoing. Our slogan is – TRACK THE CHANGES. Our long term objective is to maintain strong and long-lasting relationship with our clients by providing accurate, valuable and current marketing research products. IMR is a member of ESOMAR, and follows the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practices. Quality standards are held according to international norms. Passing internal audits by our clients and showing 99.8% accuracy is a common case for our company. Thus, HSBC Bank Armenia, MTS Russia, Publicis Hepta Advertising Agency, Coca-Cola HBC, JTI Caucasus are among our permanent clients since 2010 and who decided to go with us particularly for annually held tracking studies. We provide full-scale marketing research services through application of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. We are mainly specializing in marketing research studies rather than in social ones. Our clients adjust their marketing strategies and objectives based on the following research tools:

  • Usage and attitude studies aimed at defining market shares and competitive advantages of brands;
  • Brand health tracking studies (BHT) used to track brand main KPIs – in specific period of time in terms of impact tenant marketing activities vs. competitors;
  • AdEffect – Advertisement/marketing campaign effectiveness evaluation studies
  • Segmentation and brand mapping aimed at determining target audiences of brands in terms of functional and emotional distribution, like demographic criteria, lifestyle, etc.;
  • Retail audit aimed at determining strength of brand in the market vs. competitors in terms of pricing, merchandizing and distribution;
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) used to revealing customer satisfaction overall level and triggers mostly impacting on this index for further improvement and development;
  • Mystery shopping index aimed at evaluating customer service level correspondence with the standards approved by the top management.


Mr. Astghik Gasparyan