General regulation


Order established by the law  


Advertising in Armenia is governed by the Law “On Advertising”, which is in force since 1996. This Law sets up the framework and the principles, under the preservation of which advertising is allowed in Armenia. 


There is a special requirement for important advertising announcements to be composed in Armenian. A text in any foreign language can be added, provided that it appears in smaller letters/fonts. Up to now this restrictive reservation has not applied to the publications, newspapers, magazines etc. published in other languages. Copyright of all advertisements is protected in the manner established by the legislation.


Restrictions and prohibitions


There are some restrictions in relation to advertising placements. For example, advertising of alcohol and tobacco, in general, is not forbidden, however it should not be placed in certain places, and stress upon the positive impact of these products on health. 


Advertising of medicine is similarly subjected to the authorization of the Ministry of Health. Advertising of banks, insurance services and financial establishments is also regulated. Finally, there are certainly some prohibitions in respect to advertisement violating moral norms, causing damage to the state, slanderous and other advertisements, etc.



Where to advertise?


General provisions


The most prevalent media for broadcasting advertisements are television, radio, print media and announcements. It is possible to use more updated means. For example, one can see advertisements on buses, and the number of billboards increases. However, the majority of advertising is undoubtedly broadcast by television.


Prices for advertising

The prices set out below are provided for information only. The price for advertising in print media varies from 100 to 1,000 AMD for cm² depending on the placement page, frequency and popularity of a vehicle. For broadcast advertising including television and radio the price varies according to channel, programs and air time. Prime time advertising on television may cost maximum 120,000 AMD per minute. The price for radio varies from 1,500 to 5,000 AMD for the time up to one minute.