Intellectual Property Rights


In Armenia the intellectual property protection system is assured by the intellectual property agency (Armpatent). Granting of patents and protection of intellectual property in Armenia are regulated by:


  • Civil Code;
  • Law “On Copyrights and Neighbouring Rights”;
  • Law “On Inventions, Useful Models and Industrial Designs”;
  • Law “On Trademarks”.


Although the legislation on intellectual property rights entirely meets the WTO requirements (Armenia is a member since 1993, World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO), the circulation of forgeries in Armenia is still wide-spread and the means to enforce the rights remain insufficient.  Forgeries relate to various products such as audio-video products, food stuff, cosmetics and leather products.  In this context, foreign operators must be particularly vigilant and watch to register their rights with Armenian authorities. 





According to the Government Decree No. 616-N dated 20 April 2006 goods imported to the territory of Armenia shall be labelled in the Armenian language.