Laws, Regulations and Procedures

On this page you can find the summary of the majority of actual laws concerning business relations in Armenia. For more details, click appropriate section links.

Laws on Customs

Customs Code of the Republic of Armenia


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Laws on Taxes

Law on Tax

Law on Profit Tax

Law on Income Tax

Law on Value Added Tax (VAT)

Law on Property Tax

Law on Excise Tax


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Financial Institutions Law

Law on Credit Organizations

Law on Banking Secrecy

Law on Banks and Banking


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Business Organization Laws

Civil Code

Law on Joint-Stock Companies 

Law on Limited Liability Companies

Law on State Registration of Legal Entities


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Trade and Financial Regulations Laws

Law on Foreign Investments

Law on Licensing

Law on Currency Regulations and Currency Control

Law on Accounting



Competition Laws

Law on Protection of Economic Competition

Law on Protection of Domestic Market



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Laws on Intellectual Property Rights

Law on Copyright and Related Rights


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