AmCham Be My Guest with Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan

DateJuly 12, 2017
Event categoryBe My Guest
VenueArmenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan

On 12 July 2017, in the scope of AmCham’s “Be My Guest” series, the new General Manager of Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan, Ms. Catalina Susan, and her team hosted more than 70 high-level AmCham representatives. Ms. Susan delivered a presentation on recent changes in the hotel, and the guests had the opportunity to experience those by visiting renovated rooms, outside pool, relocated gym, and other refurbished premises. Marriott management organized a raffle and give-away vouchers for AmCham member companies, which was followed by the reception. By the end of the event, all representatives of AmCham member companies received Marriott Silver Dining Club Cards.

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